Accredited Training Provider

Here at LA Beautiful, we offer new client and refresher training for all of our devices including Radio Frequency (RF) for our LA Matrix and Laser Tattoo Removal including the Glass Technique for LA Erase.


Laser Safety is our priority and we offer a wide range of Laser Safety courses including Laser Protection Supervisor (LPS), full onsite LPA checks along with the highest safety standard of protective eyewear.


Appropriate training must be given to all laser users. This goes without saying, yet many laser operators out there are not properly trained! More and more insurance companies are becoming increasingly cautious when it comes to insurance for tattoo removal treatments and this would mean that many businesses may no longer have adequate cover, putting their patients at risk.  Training should be delivered by experts in laser tattoo removal and laser safety. Contact the Association of Laser Safety Professionals for more information.


Clinics offering any form of laser treatments including tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation and IPL should have at least one fully trained Laser Safety Officer (LSO or LPS).  Some insurance companies have hinted that they would be interested in offering ‘incentives’ for clinics with fully trained LSO’s, since the risk of anything adverse occurring should be lower.


Laser training from LA Erase is provided by leading laser expert Mike Murphy and training for up to 3* technicians is included in the cost of your device.


Our Lead Laser Trainer



Mike Murphy has been involved with medical lasers since 1986 when he became involved in the original clinical trials with the Q-switched ruby laser for scar-free tattoo removal in Glasgow’s Canniesburn Hospital.  We are delighted that 


He has published clinical and theoretical reports in medical laser journals and presented in professional conferences around the world. He is still involved in basic scientific research looking into laser-tissue interactions and applying this to improving clinical techniques.

He is currently the General Secretary of the Association of Laser Safety Professionals and a member of ASLMS, BMLA and ELA.


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