Not all tattoo removal techniques are created equally and the laser techniques from LA Erase are second to none.


Add the safest, most cost effective and scar free tattoo removal service from LA Erase to your Clinic, Salon, Barber or Tattoo shop with our extremely cost effective portable or static devices.  LA Erase from LA Beautiful offers a range affordable high-quality range of devices to add value and services to your current business.


Our system utilises shorter pulsewidths than most other QS lasers - around 3.5 nanoseconds. This generate higher peak powers in the dermis leading to a more powerful photoacoustic effect on the surface of the ink particles. This results in more ablation and plasma generation than other Q-switched lasers, leading to a more thorough fragmentation of the ink. Smaller fragments are more easily transported from the tattoo site by macrophages in the subsequent weeks leading to better, and quicker, clearances.

The glass slide technique also helps to reduce the pain sensation typical with laser tattoo removal. It also reduces the swelling, reddening and pinprick bleeding which usually occur after the treatments.



Today, an estimated 20 million Brits have at least one tattoo and around 1.5 million pieces of body art are needled in annually – creating an industry said to be worth £80 million. Hence, the industry to remove them is just as buoyant. Statistics show a 440 per cent increase in revenues from removal procedures in the past decade, with 39 per cent of adults surveyed regretting their ink. 


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The safest device for scar free tattoo removal

LA Erase offers an unparalleled service with real results. The laser techniques from LA Erase are second to none.  Treatments are delivered using a specialist ‘Glass Technique’ procedure which allows us to provide safe and effective treatments.  This method gives you the scar free, non-invasive advantages of laser treatments, plus far better results than other systems on the market.


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Professional Products and Devices for successful clinics and salons

Welcome to LA Beautiful, we are delighted to introduce you to our range of the best anti-ageing, beauty and tattoo removal treatments and products in the UK.   Handpicked by experts and exclusive to LA Beautiful we offer latest non-surgical results driven treatments and products in our product portfolio perfect for any practitioner or business who is serious about patient safety, the best training and of course making revenue from treatments.

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Making your clients look younger and fresher by removing those signs of ageing, has a positive physical and psychological impact on them which is what sits at the heart of our approach. With over quarter of a century of experience within the aesthetic sector, the values, the knowledge and the excellence the owners pride themselves with is an ethos for client care and satisfaction and this will be transmitted through to our partner clinics. Our treatments are non-invasive, aimed at the face and body, with our own LA Beautiful twist that differentiates us in the market.

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Stock Multi Award Winning Luscious Lips

Give your clients Luscious Lips with an award winning no needle Lip treatment, the natural and low-cost alternative or enhancement to Lip fillers.

This celebrity favourite is a perfect addition to any salon or medi-spa practice that offer lip services that enhance and treat the area. It is a fabulous product to finish off those Perfect Pouts.